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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Top Tips for CV success!

CVs are one of the most important tools you have as a job seeker; it’s the first thing an employer will see, so it’s incredibly important yours stands out against the competition. Here’s how to make your CV as successful as possible!  

Nail the basic CV structure

In order to have a job winning CV, there are a number of things that you should always include. Our below CV is a great example. Download our template CV here

Make your CV clear and concise

Employers receive dozens of applications for every role, so you’ll want to make a good first impression fast. How fast? Shockingly enough, the average CV lasts less than 10 seconds! Your CV has to be attention-grabbing right away!

  • Make sure everything an employer needs to know about you is easy to find. Putting all of this info at the top of the first page, our example CV above, is ideal.
  • Use clear and concise sentences throughout the document. You’ll need to give enough detail to explain yourself, but try to keep it all within 2-3 pages.
  • Use bullet points where appropriate – they’re a clear way of covering the key points quickly and concisely.
  • Lastly, make sure sentences have room to breathe. A wall of text is incredibly intimidating and a big detraction for most recruiters!

Be confident, and sell yourself

You need to convince the employer that you should be their next hire, so don’t be afraid to sell yourself. There is a fine line to walk here though, as you don’t want to oversell your skills, or outright lie about your qualifications!

  • To make an impact quickly use ‘active voice’ throughout the document. This is a style of writing which is more punchy and interesting to read, and will help your CV stand out and sound more confident.
  • Avoid over-selling yourself (or lying) on your CV too, you don’t want to encounter questions you can’t answer in your interview!

Create an eye catching Format

To maximise your chances of making a great first impression, your CV has to be eye catching. You’ll want to format the document in a way that clearly presents each section of information and makes the best use of the limited space. Our template CV is a great starting point.

  • Format the document with headers and sub headers to separate out key information and make the document easier to read.
  • Make the best use of the limited space by using thinner margins and concise bullet points
  • Lastly, don’t rely solely on spell checks. Take time to read through what you’ve written to spot any sentences that don’t make sense.  

Provide all of the information they need

Make sure to include all of the necessary information as recruiters will always skip over an incomplete CV. The above template is a great place to start as it’s what an employer will typically expect from your CV.

  • Many people never list the reason for gaps in their employment, for example. It’s always best to be honest and explain what happened instead of leaving a blank space.

Tailor your CV for each job

It’s important to carefully consider what to share on your CV, as an employer won’t bother sifting through irrelevant information. This is why it’s vital to tailor your CV to each role you apply for, as every job will require different skills and qualifications.

  • Save a ‘master’ copy of your CV that can always be accessed and edited. This allows you to easily make copies of your CV tailored to specific roles.
  • Saving a master copy can save you writing a whole new CV out for every single role you apply for.

Add the finishing touches

Once you’re happy with your CV, give it one final read through to ensure there’s no glaring mistakes or missing information. Then you’ll want to get a fresh pair of eyes to read through it, as it can be easy to miss mistakes in your own work.

Once this has been done it’s time to send it off to the employer! Make sure you send off your CV as a Word document as this ensures the employer will be able to read through it.

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I would highly recommend the recruitment services offered by ENS RECRUITMENT, having recently used ENS I found an approachable friendly and professional service. I was matched with an exciting role within a progressive expanding insurance company. My overall experiences exceeded my expectations, and I have no qualms in either recommending or using ENS in the future.

Mohamed Nuur BA (Hons) Combined Business - Motor Claims Assessor

ENS has proven a great asset as a recruitment partner to me. They find excellent candidates and keeps me informed at all stages of the process. I want a dedicated personable service that focuses on quality candidates not quantity, ENS tick all the boxes and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle free competent recruitment partner.

National Residential/Nursing Home Provider

My name is Mark and I recently applied for a job through your company.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I am getting on - and to be quite frank... I LOVE IT! Everyone here is so lovely and I am so pleased I gained this position and am very happy in my new role. I don't know if you have received any feedback from my new employer but I hope they are enjoying having me as much as I am enjoying being here!! Hopefully I will be here for many years to come.


I would like to say thanks to all the hard work from ENS. I landed the role I've always wanted. ENS were always on the end of the phone with any questions I needed answering and helped me through the process from start to finish. I would recommend ENS. Thank you for all your hard work, which paid off with me getting the job.


Crown College has been a client of ENS Recruitment for a number of years and I can wholeheartedly endorse the quality and effectiveness of their service. The college users a number of agencies for recruiting temporary and permanent staff and I would without hesitation say ENS Recruitment provide the best service of any of these agencies. Their service is tailored to our needs and they actually listen to our requirements and filter candidates. In short ENS Recruitment are an excellent agency that I can thoroughly recommend them.

Managing Director – Crown College

Thanks for all your help and all the work you have given me, it has been great working for you, and I have recommended you to anyone looking for a new role. I can honestly say you and ENS have been the best recruitment company I have ever worked for.


I would just like to thank you for your endless support and encouragement. I have learnt a lot under your leadership and guidance here and would like to say a big thank you. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for work – you are a true inspiration and have given me faith in working with an agency again!


I've been VERY impressed with the quality of candidates put before me via ENS. Both your candidates have been shortlisted and a final decision will be made very soon.


I would like to thank ENS for all their help and support in finding me this role. Whenever I have needed help or advice you were always on the other end of the phone or email. I have found all the staff at ENS to be polite, helpful and very quick at responding to any queries I have had. Wishing you all the best for the future and again thank you for everything.


Just wanted to say a little thanks to you guys at ENS, I've never used an agency before and I am genuinely pleasantly surprised and impressed with just how personable, friendly and actually human you guys were. Oh, and of course for finding me the job at Friths. Good luck to you all there, and again a big thanks.

Jon Varney

I have been using ENS for many years and they always provide a very fast and reliable recruitment service for both my companies. They are always keen to help when we need temporary or permanent staff and provide the right type of candidate for the job. Without hesitation I would strongly recommended the services of ENS.

Managing Director - DVR Ltd

We have been working with ENS for a number of years as one of our company’s preferred providers. The team at ENS has always provided a practical, timely, efficient and professional service. They have an ongoing understanding of our requirements, providing first-rate agency cover and permanent candidates.

HR Advisor – Commercial Products/Logistics Company